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Our mission is to create a supportive and collaborative online community for forex traders, providing a platform where individuals can connect, learn, and grow together. We aim to foster an environment that encourages knowledge sharing, skill development, and mutual support among our members. Through our resources, educational content, and interactive discussions, we strive to empower traders of all levels to enhance their forex trading abilities and achieve their financial aspirations.


Our vision is to be the go-to online community for forex traders, known for its inclusivity, educational value, and supportive atmosphere. We envision a vibrant community where traders from around the world can come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and inspire one another on their forex trading journeys. By promoting a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and encouragement, we aim to contribute to the success and growth of our members, enabling them to thrive in the forex market and reach their financial goals.

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Our Free Simplified Live Online Courses

These courses are composed of 4 easy to learn modules based on the most reliable analysis which are not used by many experts and traders.

Module One

Fundamentals and Forex Trading Psychology

Foundational Knowledge: The Basics and Terminology for Your Forex Trading Journey Before embarking on your forex trading journey, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation by familiarizing yourself with the basics and essential terminologies. Therefore, ensure you grasp the following key concepts before you proceed.

Module Two

Simplified Fundamental Technical Analysis

Discover and learn the basic foundation of forex trading anatomy and technical analysis through candlesticks using support, resistance, trends and patterns with no other complications to avoid confusions. Relating forex news strategies and analysis in all of the above. Incorporating the significance of strategizing forex trading following the CPI and NFP news.

Module Three

Trading Strategies & Risk Management

Developing effective trading strategies and implementing proper risk management techniques are essential components for successful trading. You will learn some key points to consider when formulating your trading strategies and managing risk

Module Four

Hands-On, Demo Account, Real Account & What To Do & Remember

When it comes to forex trading, it is recommended to gain hands-on experience through practice accounts (demo accounts) before venturing into real trading. Learn the step-by-step guide on how to approach both demo and real trading accounts, along with important things to do and remember. You will be guided how to have trading plans for profitable trading.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why Choose Us?

We offer a learning environment designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to enhance your trading skills through courses that prioritize the best user experience.

Is there any membership fee?

None. Our membership to the community is 100% FREE. You have nothing to worry about the expenses because it will not be required to be part of the team.

How to book an appointment?

You only need to click “Join Me In Now” to start your forex trading journey with us.

How much is the initial and minimum deposit to the real account?

You can start with $100 as your initial trading deposit to try and apply what you have learned from Eduphilsfx. However there is no limit for the deposit as long as you are capable for the amount.

Do I need to have the amount with me upon enrolling?

Nope, having a specific amount of money is not necessary at this stage. Your priority should be completing your courses and practicing with a demo account for a period of time, which will vary based on your progress. As you continue to learn and improve, you can gradually start depositing funds into your trading account. This gradual approach allows you to prepare yourself for the real account and ensures a smoother transition when you are fully ready.

Do you have regular monitoring and consultation?

Yes. Our monitoring and consultation are free. You just have to be honest and confident with your time and schedule. 

How long it would take to finish the training and workshop?

There are 4 modules to complete for your training and workshop which could be hopefully finished in 5 full days. However, if you were good enough in the training you could finish in 4 days.

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Highly Remembering

Remember, forex trading is a journey that requires continuous learning, practice, and self-improvement. Stay focused, stay disciplined, and always strive to improve your trading skills.

The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.

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